Inspire new leaders AND thank those who inspired you!


Who inspired and supported your leadership?    We’ll help you thank them, while you help support our community’s next group of Natural Leaders. (Learn more about the Natural Leaders Initiative.)

Here’s how it works:

STEP 1. Pay It Forward
Make a gift of $15 or more to NLI’s “Pay It Forward” Campaign.

STEP 2. Thank those who supported you!
Tell us who inspired or supported your leadership here. We’ll send them a beautiful thank you card  and tell them you are Paying It Forward in their honor. We’ll also add your tribute to NLI’s Leadership Wall and send them the link so they and others will know the difference they made. (This step is optional, but we encourage you to surprise someone and make their day!).


Want to expand your leadership network? Special gift options:

A) All donors who gift $100 or more and all Champions who raise $400 or more will be invited to a special thank-you reception with NLI Grads.

B) NLI’s bumper stickers say “Follow me, I’m a natural leader.” We invite you to literally follow a natural leader — for a few hours or a day. Gift or raise $800 (the cost of sponsoring one natural leader in the NLI program for a year) or more, and we will match you with an NLI Grad who will introduce you to their community and help you diversity your leadership network.

Champions are those who commit to raising support from others for NLI”s Pay It Forward campaign. To learn more about becoming a Champion, email us at <>.

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